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Some of the most popular types of rings include three stone settings, side diamonds

There are a variety of engagement rings available to choose from. Some of the most popular types of rings include three stone settings, side diamonds, and unique designs. These styles speak to the individual style and preferences of the wearer.

Three stone settings are a classic style that are common for many years. Often, these rings hold a round diamond at the center. However, this can be enhanced with smaller diamonds on either side. Side diamonds are a unique addition that adds an eye-catching accent. They can come in various shapes, including baguette, pear, princess, and marquise.

Classic side stone rings are a great choice for anyone who wants a traditional ring. With a variety of millimeter widths, these rings can have smooth shanks or be braided. The band can also have a pave or milgrain design. If the diamonds are coloured, they can enhance the ring even more.

Target rings are another unique type of ring. These rings were first developed during the Edwardian period. During this time, target rings were presented as love tokens. Many were set with read more sapphires or rubies. This is because these gemstones were considered to be a form of protection. Other stones were also popular during this period, such as emeralds and paraiba tourmalines.

Contemporary styles are a reflection of broader fashion trends and represent the personality of the wearer. Many of these styles feature intricate detailing, such as hand-set crystals, and pierced out designs. Others may have a geometrically woven metal band. It is up to the couple to select the perfect band for their engagement ring.

Whether you are looking for a more modern design or something that features the classic Mociun brand of elegance, you can find it at Melanie Casey’s ring collection. Each of these rings is made of 14k gold and features a unique design.

For those who want an even more unique ring, the Adorn preset ring collection offers an amazing selection of options. These rings are one of a kind and can contain over 1.5 cts of diamonds. Unlike other preset rings, these features an intricately designed halos that can be shaped to accommodate any stone. In addition, the band can be embellished with accent diamonds to add even more sparkle.

One of the most interesting features of the Lumina Collection is the asymmetrical placement of accent diamonds. This style of ring can be paired with any shape of gemstone, and can be made in gold or platinum. Whether you are seeking a simple, elegant ring or a piece that embodies charisma, the Lumina Collection has something for you.

No matter which style you choose, a good jeweller can help you bring your dream ring to life. Take a look at the different designs in our custom engagement ring gallery. You’ll be amazed at how many beautiful designs are available. From a sleek and modern style to a classic and classics, you’ll find the perfect ring for you and your partner.

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